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Finding Homes for Ukrainian Refugees

Finding Homes for Ukrainian Refugees

Reports have continued to flood in over the invasion of Ukraine, which began in February this year. Already the attempted takeover has triggered the largest refugee movement since the Second World War, with 4.8 million Ukrainians seeking new homes. New Zealand stands as one of many countries delivering aid and funding to the resistance effort, but the number of open doors is so far limited.


The Special Ukraine Visa allows New Zealand citizens and residents born in the Ukraine or citizens of Ukraine to nominate family members to apply for a temporary visa with the right to work or study. The visa restricts applications to immediate family only, excluding non-adult children, which has concerned many families forced to split during relocation. 


Critics of this process say these restrictions mean that, of the 4000 possible visas promised by the government, only around 500 will be issued. Many feel the pressure of bringing over extra mouths without any additional relief funding from the government, with some breaking into their life savings to secure plane tickets. 

Meanwhile, other countries have been forced to take on refugees in their hundreds of thousands, arriving by train across Europe to Germany, Poland, Romania, and Moldova​​. New Zealand’s involvement continues to be reviewed, but most of the financial backing is going towards direct relief for Ukraine in the form of supplies and fundraising

How can you help?


💙 Pledge your support by becoming a host or donating to Airbnb.org’s program to help Ukrainian refugees struggling to find temporary arrangements. 

💛 Support Ukrainian charities and causes with a track record in Ukraine:⁠
- https://vostok-sos.org/en/ukraine-under-fire-support-vostok-sos-aid-operation/⁠ - https://razomforukraine.org/⁠ 
- https://www.unicef.org/ukraine/en ⁠

💙 Write to your governments and demand more sanctions on social with #MoreSanctionsNow You can download a letter to send to your governments and find more info on verified sources here: ⁠
https://www.defendukraine.org/sanctions ⁠

💛 You can also check for other sources and ways to donate here: https://www.defendukraine.org/donate ⁠

💙 Share your support on social, with friends and family's #standwithukraine

Sources: Immigration New Zealand, DeffendUkraine.org 

About the author

About the author - meet Earthan James McCulloch 

James is a literary student and environmental enthusiast who likes thinking about the better futures we could have (and those we best avoid). When not playing with other people’s dogs or taking long, mindful walks, he’s usually found reading and writing, often at the local library. You can check him out on his blog for something a little different, where he talks about all things literary or otherwise.

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