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Climate Column

Progress in the US Climate Debate

A major victory has been declared for climate change, which could turn the tide on America’s promise to reduce its greenhouse emissions in keeping with its 2050 goal. A deal for a $369 billion clim...
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The Future of Eco-Shopping

Although we’ve now ditched the plastic bag, we have a long way to go before our shopping habits are entirely sustainable. For one, everything we buy in-store is contained in plastic, from bananas t...
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Facing a Global Extinction Event

Studies indicate that mass extinctions and global temperature changes are interlinked with how the climate changes. This correlation gives scientists an optimistic view regarding future extinction ...
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London’s Burning in Europe's Heatwave

As Summer approaches for Aotearoa it is paramount we remember the devastating heatwave that gripped London during the Summer of 2022. For anyone who followed the news this Summer, it’ll come as no ...
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The Natural Intelligence of Bees

It seems most of us humans lack empathy for bees. Our disdain for these humble insects is seen in how we carelessly use pesticides and other crude farming practices, disrupting our natural environm...
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The U.S. & U.K are Feeling the Heat

The U.S. and U.K. are experiencing heatwaves, breaking records across the board. The U.K this week has experienced the highest temperatures ever recorded. Climate Scientists estimate these burning ...
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Why we Should all be Finland

Finland has recently set what looks to be the world’s most ambitious climate target, with a legally binding goal of reaching net-zero and carbon negative by 2035. If achieved, the plan will beat th...
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