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Climate Column


Finding Wellness in the Outdoors

According to recent research, increased exposure to ‘greenspace’ can significantly improve mood. The study has been linked to improved symptoms of depression in adults and hyperactivity in children...
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The Good News About Earth

If we can reverse greenhouse emissions, we could diminish extinction risks by more than 70% and preserve our marine biodiversity. And since both land and ocean are co-dependent, particularly in glo...
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The Ocean’s Days are Numbered

Last year marked the highest global temperature on record - 0.84°C (or 1.51°F for our American friends) above the 20th-century average. While the environment has been slowly heating up since 1880, ...
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Are our Habits Causing Extinction?

Our consumption patterns are having a huge impact on the world around us. Currently, 30% of the global extinction rate comes from international trade. How and where we source our products is a cruc...
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Finding Homes for Ukrainian Refugees

Reports have continued to flood in over the invasion of Ukraine, which began in February this year. Already the attempted takeover has triggered the largest refugee movement since the Second World ...
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Microplastics found in our Blood

Accumulating plastic pollution in our oceans is beyond alarming, with yearly plastic waste flowing into our oceans set to triple by 2040 to 29 million metric tonnes. That’s 600 million tonnes of pl...
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Declining Nitrogen Levels

A decline in nitrogen levels might seem like a good thing, but it all depends on where in the world you are, according to recent research. This is a severe problem for plants in the wild, as the in...
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It’s Now or Never for our Climate

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) uncovered a new timeline for a complete environmental disaster. At our current rate of fossil fuel production, we have about three years until t...
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