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Natural Cork & Rubber, Zero-Plastic, Yoga Mat

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Natural Cork & Rubber, Zero-Plastic, Yoga Mat

Regular price $99.00
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Did you know most yoga mats contain toxic PVC, they will outlive you, and pollute Earth for 1000's of years? Make the right choice and choose a 100% biodegradable Eartha mat, crafted from FSC approved natural cork and rubber. 

Ground yourself and your flow to mother earth with our zero-plastic, natural cork and rubber yoga mats.

Our mats feature:

  • ✨ E X T R A   G R I P 
    Cork is a wonder material that provides super grounding grip. Thanks to the open cell structure of the cork, when you sweat, you will stick in place. When you add moisture to your cork mat, it releases a chemical called Suberin, making it grippier. Our natural rubber lining keeps the mat gripped to the floor.


  • 🌲N A T U R A L   C O R K
    Cork is actually bark taken from the bark of a specific oak species. Trees shed them naturally, so nothing is harmed in when we come to collect the cork for our mats. This oak tree is the only one in the world that regenerates its outer bark when stripped away; cork is a renewable resource that doesn’t take away precious trees!


  • 🦠 A N T I - B A C T E R I A L  

    Cork is a naturally anti-microbial material. You won’t have to worry about unpleasant smells after a sweaty yoga session. The cork layer naturally kills off microbes, so it always stays clean and fresh.


  •  🌱 5 M M   T H I C K N E S S
    The best mats allow you body to sink in just the right amount. Ours are designed to displace the body's weight in just the right way to promote a better yoga practice. The rubber bottom provides extra grip and connection to the floor. 


  • 🙏🏾P O S I T I O N I N G   L I N E S
    Beautiful modern design representing our earth, moon, sun and universe. Find the best postures with Earth's positioning lines, designed to help you find awareness in your hands and feet during your yoga session. Especially useful for aligning your form in lunges, warrior and triangle poses.


  • 💧E A S Y   T O   C L E A N
    Cork mats don't absorb sweat like plastics do. To keep your mat in mint condition make sure you wipe down your mat after each session. We love using water mixed with essential oils in a reusable bottle! Our favourite oil blends!...
    💧Tea tree for antibacterial, antimicrobial properties
    🍋Lemon for cleansing
    🌳 Sandalwood for grounding
    🌻 Ylang-ylang for reduced tension and increased flexibility!


Extra large size to fit your flow, dimensions: length183cm x width 61cm x height 5mm.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 38 reviews
    Sarah Hix
    Fabulous grippy mat!

    I LOVE Eartha mats. The design is stunning, it has such a grippy texture to it, and feels amazing to flow on

    Soft, quality mat made with the environment in mind

    A 100% biodegradable yoga mat, made from natural cork and rubber which grips to both my tiled floor and carpet, thank you Eartha! I love how soft it feels and how the cork hugs and grips my skin when I’m trying to balance. As only a young Yogi Bear I find the positioning lines really useful too. Described by Lucy as my ‘sacred place’, it really does feel like that when I’m on it ♥️

    Charlotte Bastin
    Beautiful, functional & environmentally kind

    I love my eartha mat! Not only is it good for the planet, it’s soft/padded, as well as grippy and great for my yoga practice - never felt more at home on a mat! Highly recommend 💚✨

    Lucy Aldridge
    A mat to feel good about

    I’ve always had this internal issue with purchasing yoga mats that are made from materials that don’t align with my personal needs and preferences. I’m so glad I found Eartha during my yoga journey. The grip is amazing, so as an instructor I can feel confident on my Eartha mat no matter what style of yoga asana I am leading. I recommend Eartha to anyone who is on the fence. The difference I feel on my Eartha mat vs. on other big-brand mats is substantial. I feel grounded and supported and I know I’m standing on a mat made by a company with good intentions.

    Morganne Aaberg
    Lovely mat!

    This is my favorite mat that I have ever owned, and the fact that it is eco friendly is so important to me 💚 It’s functional - plenty of padding, plenty of grip - and also so beautiful!