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Climate Column

Earthquakes in Morocco, Floods in Libya

Recent events in the East have proven devastating in terms of human lives lost and communities destroyed. Two enormous cataclysmic events have shaken the globe: the earthquakes in Morocco and the f...
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Saving Our Four-legged Friends

For many, going overseas is a wondrous experience full of new sights, sounds and, most importantly, new foods. The exotic markets of Asia, for instance, are home to some truly bizarre dishes, at le...
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The Monsoons of India, the Fires of Greece

Around this time last year, we reported heavy monsoon weather in Pakistan, with rainfall occurring at a rate ten times heavier than the yearly average. Again, the monsoon weather has descended with...
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The Climate in Review: May 2023 Edition

As usual with our climate column, dozens of stories have been developing in the last few weeks, all of which impact our globe. Here, in the climate in review, we aim to give a general report on sev...
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