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Climate Column

Nicotine is Poisoning More Than our Lungs

Global tobacco, nicotine and vaping levels are indeed concerning with just their impact to health alone. But they also have an impact on our surrounding natural environment. In 2020 22.3% of the gl...
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New Zealand Cracks Down on Methane

After many years of debate surrounding the issue, the New Zealand government are finally close to calling a ruling regarding the methane issue. The production of methane by cows, and other farm ani...
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Lost Species of Coral Returns

While it seems that we’re losing species at an incredible rate (with a 68% decline in the world’s diversity since the 1970s), occasionally, new surprises emerge. Recent work from the Coral Conserva...
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Finding Wellness in the Outdoors

According to recent research, increased exposure to ‘greenspace’ can significantly improve mood. The study has been linked to improved symptoms of depression in adults and hyperactivity in children...
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The Good News About Earth

If we can reverse greenhouse emissions, we could diminish extinction risks by more than 70% and preserve our marine biodiversity. And since both land and ocean are co-dependent, particularly in glo...
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The Ocean’s Days are Numbered

Last year marked the highest global temperature on record - 0.84°C (or 1.51°F for our American friends) above the 20th-century average. While the environment has been slowly heating up since 1880, ...
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